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E-Tabs/Bingo Electronic Devices


First and foremost, we want to thank you for your business and loyalty to Triple Crown Gaming.


Is being first important?

In this case, being first may not be in your Organization's best interests. At the present time, the lone Distributor/Manufacturer has no ties to Minnesota. Their only goal appears to be making money for themselves. We Minnesotans are a loyal and trusting group. We at Triple Crown Gaming whom you have worked with for many years are doing our best to make sure you (our valued clients) will get the best product and deal in E-Gaming Devices.


We are mindful of the pressure you may get from bar owner to be first. However, we know the importance of your Charity making decisions that will be most beneficial to not only your Orgaization, but the bar as well. To date, we don't feel there is enough (good) information for your charity to make that decision. In the end, a wrong decision could result in your Organization paying higher taxes and making far less profit, or no profit at all.


Remember: the GCB has been commissioned to bring an ADDITIONAL30M this year i nnew taxes and 42M thereafter to help pay for our new Viking Football Stadium. Under the direction of the Governor, the GCB is compelled to move quickly and get as many machines into the market as soon as possible. Is it possible to double your sales to meet this obligation? We don't know, but we believe it is highly unlikely. (Only time will tell.)


Triple Crown Gaming is committed to researching all vendors coming into the E-Tab/Bingo Electronic market, to make sure you are given accurate information, so you can make the best decision for your Gaming Business. 


So, our suggestion?

Wait until the ACM Show, where we anticipate several vendors will be in attendance to showcase their products.


In the meantime, TripleCrown Gaming will continue to research all potential vendors and provide you with the same accurate information and excellent service we have provided to you the past 25 plus years.


If you have any questions, please contact your sales represenative or our office at 800-862-2700.